We started Maltbarn when we were moving into a farm with a very big barn attached to it. I always wanted to bottle whisky myself and now I even had a name – although the barn has never been used for malt storage or for malt processing. From then on I followed the idea, went hunting for some great casks and a couple of months later I was ready to go.

All the photographs on these pages and the labels are shot onsite, either in the “Maltbarn” or the adjacent buildings and the surrounding countryside. With that we hope to present you the beauty of this place and show how important it is to us.

Maltbarn is a family run business – two small people and two older ones. We are located in the north of Germany on the North Sea coast.



We only sell whisky we love to drink ourselves. Of course taste is a personal thing so you shouldn´t only rely on other people`s opinions.

Instead, try for yourself.